Text Chat Plus

Today’s consumer wants there information right away. The days of waiting on emails for an answer are in the past. The faster and easier you can get them their information the better. Being able to respond to a potential customer via text chat vs. a traditional web chat could make all the difference in the world to your bottom line.  Let us help you reach those customers with Text Chat Plus.  Here’s how you can get it done right:

  • Utilize text for your online chats with customers.
    • Text Chats result in higher sales
    • Text Chats result in an opportunity to build push lists
  • Keep your conversations compliant. We will get your double opt in for you and eliminate potential issues.
  • Use TCPlus to cover the times your away from the office.
    • Never miss a sale with a TCPlus agent to help
  • Use our state of the art dashboard to manage and archive customers, messages and lists.

Whether you have a car dealership or a phone repair shop, let TCPlus streamline  your sales process. Join us today to see how we can help you and your customers!

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