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Company or Business Use: FREE
Sponsor Offer Program: As little as $50 a month

Text Bandit sponsored SMS is currently a one of a kind program that virtually no one around the country offers.  We create a win-win situation which takes our enterprise SMS platform and offers it FREE to companies that have a need for a professional SMS platform in their business operations.  This unique approach to SMS marketing could be considered similar to the advertisers who support the free apps on your smart phone.  It allows the sponsor to target highly coveted categories of consumers like apartment renters with little or no effort .  Our sponsors get to use the most effective means of communicating while having their business linked to each sms message that’s sent out to residents.

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Text Bandit SMS Marketing

This method of advertising can eliminate the cost of ineffective and expensive mail drops that end up in the trash. Other savings add up when you eliminate the need for designers, copy  writers and printers.  Compare the cost and return involved to promote your products in other more traditional ways. SMS costs are a fraction of what other advertising costs are. A close look easily makes it the method of choice when compared to TV, Radio, Print, and other community sponsorship programs.  We think you will find that nothing is easier and more effective to get your message to market than using SMS sponsorship or traditional SMS Marketing.